Areas of Intervention

The nations where we operate


Italy is the country where it all began and where most of our investments are still concentrated today. The consolidation of traditional activities has been accompanied by new business concepts based on efficiency, integration, the development of renewable energies and the use of new technologies. We are in a phase of evolution of our business, we are facing important challenges, which we share with our customers, to take our country towards the energy transition and a green future, protecting the environment, guaranteeing well-being and social equity. We believe that we have a great opportunity to growth as well as an opportunity for a cultural reversal.


It is the first and the only until now continent where we had our experiences far from Italy. Our efforts today are aimed at increasing the business in the African countries and trying to entry into others, where our customers are already present. Next stop, Congo. On the African continent we have started important relationships and our goal is to strengthen local synergies by creating wealth, opportunity and well-being. In these countries we have also promoted, together with non-profit associations, development initiatives, projects for the improvement of living conditions and for the promotion of literacy.