Social Commitment

The projects that value our history

The projects that value our history

We have always aimed to promote the socio-economic development and the growth of local communities and we are always attentive to the specific needs of the territories in which we operate.

Facing the poverty

It is our vocation, matured working in difficult contexts where water, work, health services, education are often a privilege for the few. For these reasos we have carried out targeted interventions to support the needs of local populations. Our goal, in fact, is to counter the poverty in the places where we operate by supporting, where possible, the hosting communities, designing and achieving projects consistent with national development plans.

Respect for human rights

In the countries where we operate, we have promoted, together with non-profit associations, development initiatives, projects for the improvement of living conditions and the promotion of literacy, because local development is one of our priorities, the dignity of each human being and the well-being of the people in the communities where we operate is the basis of our work, based on respect for human rights. The United Nations Guiding Principles on Human Rights and Business and international conventions are, for us, a fundamental reference. Our commitment is also expressed in the company ethical code.

Concrete projects

Among the projects we remember that of adult literacy, realized thanks to the tireless work and help of Gianni Campanella, our collaborator, organized in different locations in Tunisia. Funded by the Rotary Foundation, with contributions from Rotary Districts 2120 and 9010, it has also been supported through our donation. The main aim of the project was to combat illiteracy, which is present in many areas of Tunisia. The organization has developed a school intervention plan and provided computer skills in the pilot teaching centers, set up and located in the suburbs of Tunis and Hafsia and in the cities of Nabeul and Siliana.