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The key to success

Technological innovation, digitization and sustainability are the main factors of our success.

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Our managers

Our managers are focused on the business goals, they represent the company values, share the same passion and the challenges for the future. They are a safe guide to face challenges and overcome obstacles. Determination, courage and resilience are their main values.
Proven professionals and experts in the sector, committed every day to offering excellent service to demanding customers and sharing success with them.


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A story of over 60 years

Our story begins with a dream, a child’s dream. A journey made of foresight, tenacity, passion and dedication.

  1. The Birth of Bonassisa

    It was 1960, the goal was to become a leading company in the Oil & Gas sector.

    The Founder

    Domenico Bonassisa was born in 1940 on the 23rd of February, in Deliceto, a town in the province of Foggia, by Lucia and Rocco. He grew up among economic constraints and a strict discipline, both at home and school. He lived in the Ruggero Bonghi State National Boarding School in Lucera, where he graduated as a surveyor. In 1968 she married Incoronata and they had three daughters, Lucia, Monica Antonella and Irene. Years later they all will collect the inheritance of their father.

  2. The patent

    In 1987 Domenico Bonassisa registered the patent of an innovative system for the treatment of drilling waste, soon Bonassisa become the first company in Italy to use this innovative system for the management of sludge deriving from drilling activities. An eco-sustainable business model, an anticipation of the current dedication to a green and circular economy based on an economic system able to use the resources efficiently.

  3. The expansion

    In 1995, the Geology Unit was established to promote development in the oil sector and, specifically, activities for the optimization of hydrocarbon production.

    In 1997 a new headquarters was inaugurated in Foggia. The 90s were years of investments in resources and business relationships, both local and international, with customers, suppliers, institutions, and local communities.

    Moreover, in the same years there was the great commitment to create team of people capable to work successfully in the national and international markets.

  4. The generational transition

    In 2007 there is the generational transition with the division of the business in three companies distributed among the sisters.

    February 1st 2008 is the baptism of the newly formed Bonassisa Drilling Company, led by Monica Bonassisa. It’s the time of a rebranding operation with the refresh of the company logo.
    The rainbow on the background of the new logo represents the bridge between different worlds, it is the symbol of peace, respect for cultures, but also the symbol of prosperity, harmony and hope, union between sky and earth, between rain and sun.

  5. The internationalization process

    In 2010 the internationalization process began in Libya and later in Tunisia. This openness, fostered by the spirit of resilience and managerial skills, is today one of the strengths of Bonassisa and it is always accompanied by the respect for different cultures, the development of the territory and the promotion of local synergies.

  6. The birth of BH 100

    In 2014 a new hydraulic system, of the latest generation, called “BH 100” was designed specifically for Edison to perform a campaign of light work over and mining closures. The growth of turnover is fast and exponential, + 100% within a few months.

  7. The present

    In 2020 the company acquires an important contract with ENI and the BH 100 rig is part of the big oil company’s fleet. The orders are doubled: this success is the result of a special business strategy as well as of passion and dedication.

    Thinking about the past and present, I remember when I was a child: the image of myself on the side of my father standing in one of our rigs and dreaming my future as businesswoman in the oil industry.  And since then, I have dedicated my entire life to realize that dream.

    [Monica Bonassisa].