Quality, health, safety and environment

Respecting the environment

Companies that are committed to the environment exist and we are one of them.

We decided to focus on the quality of our services, with responsibility towards the customer and sustainability, with responsibility towards all the environmental resources used in the production cycle. A journey of responsibility and respect for the environment.

Integrated QHSE management

We use advanced technologies and technical procedures in the areas of quality, health, safety and environment. We continuously invest in research and innovation for the realization of products and processes with the best characteristics of environmental compatibility, safety and health protection.

QHSE management is governed by an integrated model that clearly defines roles and responsibilities, regulates QHSE activities and their interaction with business processes, and enhances common methodologies and criteria.

Our commitment for the planet

We have always been dedicated to compliance with the laws, in accordance with national and international agreements, standards and regulations. Our environmental management is based on criteria of prevention, protection, information and participation.

We have oriented our business towards the principles of the sustainability, circular economy and attention to the development of investments in renewable sources with low environmental impact.

Safety First

In 2016 we signed a security pact with our main customer, ENI, because we are not simple suppliers but strategic partners, always committed to build stable and lasting relationships.